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November Man series by Bill Granger (#10-#13)
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Overview: Bill Granger (June 1, 1941 – April 22, 2012) was an American novelist from Chicago specializing in political thrillers. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Joe Gash and Bill Griffith. He worked at the Chicago Tribune and other Illinois newspapers. Some of his thrillers are Public Murders (1981), The November Man, Schism and The Shattered Eye.
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10. The Man Who Heard Too Much
It begins in Sweden. A low-level defection by a Russian sailor in Stockholm coincides with the theft of critical tapes at a high-level Soviet-American conference in Malmo. At stake is a sophisticated computer virus potentially more lethal that any biological plague in history. From Paris to Copenhagen to Washington to the Vatican, two adversaries once more find themselves on opposite sides: Henry McGee, the traitorous, seemingly indestructible double agent, and Devereaux, code name November, waging his personal, deadly war for--and against--both the CIA and the KGB.

11. League of Terror
The armistice has been all but signed. The Cold War is over. The world has no further use for spies. Or so it would seem.
Fortunately, Devereaux--the spy they call November--knows better. Even now, he finds himself and his implacable nemesis locked in a deadly battle. The backdrop is the secret war of terrorism waged by an insidious mastermind combining the bloodiest back-alley tactics of Irish republicanism with the sleek financial machinations of Wall Street. The stakes are deeply personal, for an assassin has struck at Rita Macklin, the journalist who loves the November Man. Now Devereaux has but a single goal: kill Henry McGee, before he can strike again.

12. The Last Good German
They met before. Their encounter nearly cost Devereaux--code name November--his life. Now, amid a perilously uncertain global thaw, they meet again: America's November Man, an agent without faith, and a defunct East Germany's Double Eagle, an agent without a country.
For Double Eagle, the confrontation is the means to a totalitarian countercoup inside a reunified Germany. For November, it is the only way to halt the devastating blackmail of Rita Macklin, his one love.
Once more, the two long-standing adversaries--and the powers behind them--will try to use each other. And this time, the spy called Double Eagle is determined that the November Man won't survive.

13. Burning the Apostle
Suspense master Bill Granger brings Devereaux, a.k.a. the November Man, back in a must-win race to head off a global nuclear disaster. A misguided socialite, a playboy senator, and the arson expert they hire to sabotage a nuclear reactor hatch a horrifying plot to destroy the energy industry.

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