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The Harem At The End Of The Galaxy series by Kyle Kenze (Books 1-5)
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Overview: About Kyle Kenze
I'm a regular guy from Texas who used to work in a cube in a well-known space center in Houston. It was less thrilling than you might think, but I got pretty good at filling in the slow parts of the day with my own private sci-fi fantasies. Now it's time to share my wild and crazy stories with the world at large.
Genre: Fiction> Erotic


Vortex (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy #1)
The last women alive locate the last man alive. Now, a confused twenty-first-century male must service all these beauties from the other end of spacetime. The survival of humanity depends on it.

Clayton Parks is just another low-level civilian contractor at the Pentagon. Then he's snatched through time and space to the opposite ends of the galaxy, where he learns he's the last man left...

Classified (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy #2)
Clayton Parks is just another low-level civilian contractor. Then he's assigned to an all-female time-travel team working in a secret bunker in a sub-sub-sub basement deep beneath the Pentagon. And now every woman in the galaxy wants to get her hands on him.

Psych (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy #3)
Clayton is the first man to travel through time, only to find out he's the last man left in the galaxy. Now he must assemble a team of beautiful women to help him fight back against an alien menace.

The harem is determined to persuade a frustrated female general to marshal Pentagon resources against the threat. Will the plan backfire when the general assumes she's the subject of a black ops psych experiment? How can they make her understand this dreamlike experience is all too real?

Glitch (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy #4)
The downside of traveling through spacetime with the galaxy's most beautiful women...

As the last man alive gathers his all-female army together, their travels back and forth create a time-travel glitch that threatens to entrap them in an eternal paradox. Can they get free fast enough to fight back against the coming alien apocalypse?

Explode (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy #5)
Eight women and one man fight back against an alien threat to all intelligent life in the galaxy...

In the final episode of the Harem at the End of the Galaxy series, Clayton's all-female army faces their toughest test yet when their time machine is blown to pieces by a beautiful saboteur.

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Jun 24th, 2020, 4:54 am

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