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Dirigent Mercenary Corps by Rick Shelley (Books 2-6)
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Overview: The year is 2804 AD. Humanity has colonized the universe. But the authority of the Confederation of Human Worlds is spread thin. Where the Army of planet Earth cannot reach, mercenaries must keep the peace - and the Dirigent Mercenary Corps are the best of the best.
Genre: Fiction> Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Officer-Cadet (Book 1) See link below

Lieutenant (Book 2)
Kicked out of the prestigious North American Military Academy, Lon Nolan had only a few choices left to him. He chose the hardest one: serving with the Dirigent Mercenary Corps, an elite fighting squad where respect is earned not in the classroom but on the battlefield.

Nolan proved himself on the battlefield on Norbank. But now he’s commanding men of his own, and the stakes are higher. He’s going to learn sooner or later that leadership always comes with a cost ...

Captain (Book 3)
Serving with the Dirigent Mercenary Corps wasn’t Lt. Lon Nolan’s first choice - it was his only choice. After he was expelled from the North American Military Academy, there was nowhere else to go. He’s finally made a place for himself with the DMC when a girl has to go and throw a wrench in his plans. Sara Pines is beautiful and brilliant, and he’s sure she’s the one.

Unfortunately, Lon’s shipped out to quell a civil war on a distant planet before he has a chance to marry the woman he loves. And now that he’s arrived on Aldrin, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he might never make it home .

Major (Book 4)
Lon Nolan is skyrocketing through the ranks of the DMC, proving time and again that he’s got what it takes to be one of the most elite fighters in the galaxy. But as his family grows, he grow less certain that the mercenary life is for him. With one kid at home and another on the way, he grows more reluctant to march off to battle.

But when duty calls, he must answer. In MAJOR, Nolan is off to the mining planet of Bancroft on a routine security mission. Of course, this is the DMC, so it won’t stay routine for long ...

Lieutenant-Colonel (Book 5)
Lon Nolan has distinguished himself at the DMC, and he has the battle scars to prove it. Now, the governor of the isolated mining planet of Bancroft again needs Lon’s help. The Colonial Mining Cartel is terrorizing the planet, and Lon is the only person who can stop it. He’d never thought he’d have to return, and now he’s going back to face a more disciplined adversary than ever before. This time, the responsibility for the Second Battalion falls on him.

Colonel (Book 6)
As a young cadet, all Lon Nolan ever dreamed of was serving in the military of planet Earth. After a dishonorable discharge on trumped-up charges, he saved himself and his honor by joining up with the Dirigent Mercenary Corps. Over the decades he’s forged himself a place with the DMC - and shown himself to be a true hero. There’s even talk that he might become the next General.

But Lon isn’t after a promotion - in fact, he’s thinking about retirement. With his son in the Corps, he’s hoping he can leave the fighting to the next generation. But when the political machinations of the Confederation of Human Worlds get in the way, Lon has to return to the front lines, leading not just his troops, but his son among them, into a final bitter campaign.

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