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Taboo series by Willa Okati (Books 1~3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 879 kB Kb
Overview: A multi-published author of GLBT erotic, romantic fiction since 2004, I love trying new things -- I have 1001 crazy ideas and want to write them all! I exist primarily on caffeine and pixels, take “camera shy” to a whole new level, and persist in trying to learn the pennywhistle despite being woefully tone-deaf. During the summer, I’m a wild woman with henna.
Genre: Erotic Romance MM

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One for the Money: Twins Heath and Vanner travel the rodeo circuit together, Heath watching while Vanner does the hard riding. Heath loves to watch his twin ride, loves Vanner like no one else ever could. He doesn't dare tell anyone, least of all Heath, about his secret love, though, knowing things could go very bad if he did. Things don't always go as planned, though, and when Vanner's sponsor starts to make demands, and Heath and Vanner find themselves in a tough spot, Heath finds a way to share what's in his heart. Can the twins find a way to keep their family together?

Two for the Show: Heath and Vanner are trying to sort out what they've got going on between them, but between sharing a hotel with their sister and worrying about getting caught, they're having a hard time of it. Heath is ready to do whatever it takes to get Vanner to see things his way, but Vanner has more to deal with than anyone knows. When a casual conversation with a friend turns into possible discovery of their sister Marybeth, Heath and Vanner have to move on quickly, and nothing gets resolved. Can they keep one step ahead of all of the people who want a piece of them?

Go Man Go: Heath and Vanner are trying hard to keep their family together without giving away their secrets, but when Heath's friend Lucy barges in on them making love, it seems that everything is going to be exposed. But before they can come to terms with Lucy knowing not only about their relationship, but about their sister Marybeth as well, they find out that someone else knows about Marybeth, someone who isn't a friend.
Can they rescue Marybeth without exposing themselves further?

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