Speculative fiction, alternative worlds, futuristic, supernatural, horror
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6 Novels by David Drake
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Overview: David Drake (born September 24, 1945) is a successful author of science fiction and fantasy literature. A Vietnam War veteran who has worked as a lawyer, he is now one of the premier authors of the military science fiction subgenre.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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The Dragon Lord
Arthur, warlord of Britain, can annihilate the Saxons once and for all by becoming the Dragon Lord. Mael, an Irish adventurer, and Starkad, his giant Danish companion, must seek both the ancient skull from which Merlin can raise the dragon, and the weapons by which alone the dragon can be controlled. Accompanied by a priestess older than time, their search takes them from a monster-haunted lake, to the barrow of a thing no longer dead, and finally to a battlefield where the enmity of Briton and Saxon rises to a cataclysm which threatens to drown the earth in blood...

The Forlorn Hope
They had fought long and hard, and damn near won in spite of everything. But now the men who hired them are going to sell them to the enemy...and so begins a novel of adventure in which a band of Star Mecenaries is driven across the face of a planet by enemies bent on their distruction. With only the guns in their hands, this tiny band must battle ships, artillery, treachery, and the most powerful tank in the universe.

Birds of Prey
Rome, 262 AD. It had been the capital of the civilization on Earth. Now both city and civilization are dying. Imperial unity has shattered as separatists and usurpers squabble among themselves as greater enemies gather to swallow them all. One man stands between humanity and the Long Night, matching his savage determination against a hopeless future. He is Aulus Perennius, an Imperial secret agent as tough and ruthless as the age in which he lives. Until now, though, his enemies have all been human.

Night & Demons
A collection of horrific, weird, and fantastic tales by a master storyteller and creator of best-selling military science fiction series including Hammer’s Slammers. Introductions on each story provide detailed snapshots of the larger-than-life editors, publishers, and writers with whom Drake has worked throughout his career.

Here are weird stories set in the present, along with alternative histories filled with gritty realism and exacting detail as well as an assortment of horrors and monsters. Most of all, here are the tough heroes who throughout time master their own fears and face the very real terrors that haunt existence. Sometimes these heroes win a partial victory. Sometimes it’s enough to go down fighting.

Lacey and His Friends
A cop in the 21st century, Jed Lacey has seen law and order imposed with cameras that scan every citizen, waking or sleeping, and computers that watch the images for any hint of crime. If they find it--it's Lacey's turn to go into action. A compelling combination of 1984 and Dirty Harry.

Into the Hinterlands (David Drake, John Lambshead)
When Allen Allenson, scion of a noble family that has fallen on hard times, gets a mission to roust the power-hungry Terrans from a “wild” star sector where they’re encroaching, he jumps at the chance to show his individual worth, improve his family’s fortunes – and gather enough lucre to make a good marriage. But the wily Terrans are not so easily persuaded by a young colonial they think of as a rube.
Worse, Riders, the beings who naturally ply the wilderness between the stars, are playing their own deadly political games – against the Terrans, against the colonials, and against one young greenhorn commander in particular: naÏf young Allen, whom they figure they can manipulate to do their bidding. The one thing nobody has counted on is the fact that Allen, while young and inexperienced, and much to his own amazement, happens to be a hero in the making.

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