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5 Books by Ben Bova
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Overview: A collection of 5 standalone novels from the 1960's to 1980's written by acclaimed science fiction author, Ben Bova.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


The Weathermakers (1967):
In an age of cross-country rockets and undersea mining, weather is the last frontier of man, the one resource which remains untamed. An elemental power which can roar through the land with hurricane force, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

The Winds of Altair (1973):
Jeff Holman is determined to terraform Altair VI into a home for the people of dying Earth. But he discovers that Altair VI hides a terrible secret, and he is faced with a soul-wrenching decision--for to make Altair VI habitable for humans, all native life must die. Including a race as intelligent as Man.

Gremlins, Go Home! (1974):
A novel written by Ben Bova and Gordon R Dickson. Several hundred years ago a band of explorers were marooned on Planet Earth. Alas, the Little People are not strong on gadgetry, and they have had to while away the centuries of their youth, living for the day when they could get off this god forsaken mudball, this most benighted, desolate --- and boring! --- planetary slum in the Known Universe.

City of Darkness (1976):
He's passed his college entrance exams with flying colors. He can do pretty much whatever he wants. But what teenager Ron Morgan wants most is for his father to quit telling him what to do. Quit running his life. What better way to unwind than having a last blowout on Labor Day in the domed playground of Fun City: Manhattan. Inside the dome, however, Ron loses his wallet and identity card. Worse, he's trapped when the dome closes for the season. There's no way out. Gangs roam the street. Food is scarce. Ron is on his own. All Ron wanted was some fun. He'll be lucky to escape New York alive...

Test of Fire (1982):
The World is blasted by a Solar flare, whats left is nuked by enemy missiles, only a small amount survive the disaster, and on the moon, watching on is a small (few hundred) group of Scientists, engineers, and workers. What is one to do, sit back and live on the Moon, or try to reconnect with Mother Earth.

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