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Aug 8th, 2020, 5:54 pm
Banner of the Stars Series by Hiroyuki Morioka (#1-3)
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Overview: Hiroyuki Morioka (born March 2, 1962, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese science fiction novelist.
In 1992, his first novel Yume no Ki ga Tsugeta nara ("If Only the Dream Trees Could Touch") appeared in Hayakawa Shobo (Tokyo)'s SF Magazine. His short story "Spice" won the Hayakawa Award in 1993.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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#1 - The Ties that Bind
You journeyed with Jint and Lafier through three volumes of interplanetary-scale action and intrigue in CREST OF THE STARS. Through pain and companionship, they forged their way through an impossible ordeal unscathed. But that adventure, though grand, was just the introduction to a larger, decades-spanning chronicle of galactic war.
Join our two heroes, now bona fide starpilots appointed to a warship in an Abh Empire fleet, as they participate in their very first official military operation. They are tasked with helping defend a strategically crucial star system from the Three Nations Alliance. Complications arise, however, when they learn that their commanding officer is none other than the sister of the Abh baron they killed three years prior!

#2 - What Needs Defending
Lafier has been appointed the interim liege of yet another newly conquered star system, with Jint her ill-defined adjunct. Only the planet of Rohbnahss is by far the most vexing of the Empire’s latest acquisitions—because it’s a giant prison on the verge of a world-scale uprising! Can the iconic duo form a working government there? What will become of them and their bond once the enemy’s offensive and her Abliar obligations force Lafier to abandon Jint on a powderkeg ready to blow? Find out in this, the second exciting installment of Banner of the Stars!

#3 -Dinner With Family
The Countdom of Hyde, Jint’s star system of birth, has been freed from enemy occupation. The Empire must now reestablish its dominion there, with Jint as its liege by birthright. Yet the self-sufficient planet Martin is as fiercely and hostilely anti-imperial as ever. Moreover, he has to negotiate with the planet’s heads of state... his own foster parents! While he may have Lafier and more former comrades of his to help him in his struggles, only he can ultimately decide where his true loyalties lie - with Martin, or with the Empire.

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Aug 8th, 2020, 5:54 pm