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Awakenings: The Complete Collection by Olivia M. Hamilton
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 288kb
Overview: June Montgomery did what all “good girls” do and got her education then set out into the city to seek out a life of fun and adventure. But when she finds herself instead dateless, working for a royal mess up of a boss and in a rut, she begins to question the very reason for her existence. Until one day at work, things get changed up and she is left shaken and wondering at the appearance of one Hollander Trudeau.
Hollander Trudeau’s mysterious heart tries not to give anything away but something about June has her breaking the rules. Will this office tryst become more than she bargained for and end up like all the others or has she found a woman who can bring her down to her knees?
Follow the growing romance and strained sexual exploits of June Montgomery, the good girl from a small town and the no holds barred, handsomely beautiful big city attorney, Hollander Trudeau as they traverse the landscape of love, sex, power and desire. The Complete Collection of the "Awakenings" series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton is 79,100 words long.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > FF Lesbian


The Complete Collection includes all 10 titles in the Awakenings Series:

    CHAPTER 1: Her Opened Eyes
    CHAPTER 2: Her Sweetest Desire
    CHAPTER 3: Her Sacred Passions
    CHAPTER 4: Her Resilient Heart
    CHAPTER 5: Her Seductive Affections
    CHAPTER 6: Her Fallen Intentions
    CHAPTER 7: Her Damaged Convictions
    CHAPTER 8: Her Broken Spirit
    CHAPTER 9: Her Restored Soul
    CHAPTER 10: Her Sweet Dreams

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