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Fire From The Sky series by N.C. Reed (#5, #9 & #10)
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Overview: N.C. Reed doesn't really exist. He's just a figment of someone's imagination. But if he was real, they would imagine him as a gray haired curmudgeon who likes pecan pie entirely too much. He would be a constant source of annoyance to a loving and doting wife. Despite that, the mutant Doberman would spend much time in his company as he writes. Or as he pretends to write in order to get people to leave him alone. Or as he sits by the window and wonders who that is driving down 'his' road. Or when he just locks himself in his study and pretends no one is calling his name
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy > Post-Apocalyptic

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Home Fires (Book 5)
“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” An age old idiom that Clay Sanders knows very well. In this case however, it's surviving contact with the people who are supposed to be on his side. Family that can't accept the reality of their new situation, soldiers who follow orders selectively, and 'friends' who essentially sell you down the river. No one ever said the end of the modern world would be boring or uneventful. Clay has to deal with betrayals, attitude problems, shifting blame and idealist natures that all threaten to undermine the long months of preparation for the troubling times they now live in. Preparations that cost a fortune and tried to anticipate every need of the small number of people he had planned on living at the Sanders farms, not the growing number of people actually living there thanks to events he can't seem to get control of. The 'Citizen's committee' is still out there somewhere, there's a nutty 'Reverend' working the airwaves into a frenzy, there are disgruntled members of the community sowing discord and strife, apparent rogue nomadic elements of some kind that are raiding any place that still has food or resources, cannibals that are still active in their area, and because of certain betrayals they now have to step up training of every individual on the farm from the age of sixteen on up just to be able to protect themselves. Clay just might have had enough of trying to protect a farm full of people that apparently don't want to be protected, even if a lot of them are his own family. And then, there's that radio call....

Brimstone (Book 9)
Clay Sanders and company have not had the easiest time since the lights went out. Granted, much of their troubles are self-inflicted, but a lot of them were brought straight to their door by crooks and strongarm types in equal measure. Things are peaceful for a change around the Sanders’ Farms, however, and Clay barely knows what to do with himself. There are new trainees being brought up to standard, young women who have already been victimized once and have sworn to never have it happen again. There are gardens and greenhouses bearing fruit, which means as many hands as possible gathering that bounty and socking it away for winter. It will soon be harvest, which means gathering silage and hay from over two thousand acres of land. So while things may be peaceful at the moment, there is plenty to actually do. But nothing lasts forever. A National Guard unit, a real one this time, rolls up to the farm, having taken a wrong turn in their attempt to reach Jordan. By the end of his conversation with their Captain, Clay has invited the entire unit to dinner, eager for any information the Captain can provide and figuring the cost of a meal for a company of soldiers to be cheap enough payment in exchange. The news isn’t very good, though the group themselves are not only well mannered but also grateful. Clay hopes this will be the start of a good friendship with the people who look to be taking responsibility for their region but is cautious. Two things will happen to help cement that relationship. The first is when Clay and a select few others accompany the Captain to Lewiston, providing horses for a patrol of soldiers. The second is an intercepted radio transmission that bears a single word: Brimstone.

Damned Nation (Book 10)
So far, the Apocalypse has not gone according to plan. At least, not according to the plan Clay Sanders and his friends had laid out. Things are finally changing, though for better or worse remains to be seen. Clay has agreed to offer what assistance the farm can spare to aid Captain Adcock and his National Guard contingent hoping their presence will help bring order to the area. But trouble is brewing to the south and Adcock must take his men and women to Lewiston, where he finds a town reeling beneath multiple deaths from an unseen enemy. Believing this to be the retaliation that the suicidal zealot had called for with his cryptic message of ‘brimstone’, Adcock tries to contain the situation, only to lose men of his own. Turning to Clay for help on a battlefield that is unfamiliar to soldiers trained for armored combat, Lake learns who and what Clay and the others are while all but begging for help. Clay is determined to refuse until the problem turns personal, stirring many of his men to make a move toward Lewiston. As if this isn’t enough of a problem, Captain Adcock’s boss, Major Whitten, decides to visit, expressing concerns with having what he considers a Private Military Contractor, or PMC, running loose in his Area of Operations. Oh, and as a lovely parting gift, Whitten uses his authority as the Regional Commander under the martial law provision to appoint Greg Holloway, the sole surviving member of the Calhoun Sheriff’s Office, as the new Sheriff. An appointment Greg is less than thrilled about. The news they have gotten from Adcock and others has painted a very grim picture indeed to the residents of the farm. Conditions in the larger cities and towns are much worse than even Clay had allowed for and the nation itself is completely crippled. The surviving command structure is unable to communicate with itself or with anyone else and the various services needed to try and rebuild and reestablish order have ceased to function or even exist except possibly on paper. Whatever may remain of the government, wherever they may be, will have an enormous struggle ahead in trying to regain control of the major cities that are rife with violence and atrocities that make Third World nations seem tame. Until, or unless, that happens, the residents of the farm and the area around them are completely on their own. There will be no material assistance for them, no assistance at all other than the occasional presence of Captain Adcock and his team, trying to keep violence to a minimum wherever they can. If the people of Calhoun and the surrounding counties want the return of any kind of civilized society in the new era they now find themselves living in, then it will be up to them to create that society, and to make it work. They know now that it will be the work of years, perhaps decades before any form of organized government on that scale can rise from the ashes of the Fire From the Sky. Their once great nation lies in ruin, all that they have worked for gone in a flash of sunlight. The economy, justice system, public services, all of it will now have to be done by the people themselves or else it won’t be done at all. But even as the friends begin to try and piece together how they can possibly begin rebuilding at least their part of the world into something approaching a working society, one question continues to arise. A burning thought at the back of every mind. Who in their right mind would want to preside over and be responsible for repairing a Damned Nation like the one the U.S. seems to have become?

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Books 5, 9 & 10: https://filedown.org/jo58tm7jj0kn
Book 10: https://filedown.org/lstzmnjitw1s

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