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The Curious Virgin Series by Catherine Tramell (Book 1-5)
Requirements: .ePUB / .AZW3 Reader, 1.6Mb
Overview: Catherine loves reading and writing romance LGBT stories with unexpected twists and unusual twists. She loves seeing her fantasies take shape on the page and sharing her most private thoughts with the world. Her stories are always hot and steamy. Read one of her short stories and she'll become one of your favorite authors!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic Romance > F/M/F

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1. The Desire
A reluctant billionaire doctor.
An eager tantric masseuse.
A curious but willing virgin.
What web of romance will they create?
Sold to bear the heir of a billionaire doctor, Mercedes Roces found herself in a web of a beautiful threesome romance. The young and curious virgin developed an attraction to Robert Lauren and became his willing slave and baby maker.
Robert was not satisfied by Mercedes’s inexperience as a lover. He wanted her to become as satisfying as Katarina Patel, the tantric masseuse who he loved for a long time. His remedy was to have Katarina teach Mercedes and to turn her into his new Katarina.
When Mercedes met Katarina, her notion of romance shook. She wanted to love Robert, but her heart strangely felt something different for Katarina. She wanted her as much as she wanted Robert. Both Katarina and Robert also showered her with pleasure, she became a fool for.

2. The Discovery
In this second book, join Mercedes, Robert and Katarina in discovering the complicated romance springing between each of them. Will they be brave enough to face the budding romances? Or will they be greedy and keep one from the other?

3. The Confusion
After discovering their true desires and feelings for each other, the characters in this complicated romance become confused as to what kind of love binds them and what they really mean for each other. Help them clear the confusion in this third book of the Curious Virgin Series.

4. The Compromise
This book is the fourth book of this F/M/F series. Follow the story of Mercedes as she explored the beauty of her complicated romances and find out who she would choose at the end. Or would she choose?
All the desires were discovered; the confusions were settled. Things had gone from good to bad, or did they? The answer rests in Robert. Will he commit to a compromise or make a choice?

5. The Choice
Desire erupted among them, leading them to discover what they truly felt for each other, introducing confusion in their romances until they agreed to a compromise. But misunderstandings, insecurities, and distrust will make one of them make a CHOICE.
This book is the final book of this F/M/F series. Follow the story of Mercedes Roces as she explored the beauty of her complicated romances with Katarina Patel and Robert Lauren.

Warning: If threesome romances are not for you, then this book is not for you either. But who knows? Like Mercedes, your curiosity could bring you something good.
Content Warning: This story is written for Adult Readers Only. Some scenes are sexually explicit and are intended for mature audiences.

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