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4 Books by J.B. Black (A MM Gay Paranormal Romance)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 696kb
Overview: Nothing pleases J.B. Black more than finding the perfect hot man for their guys and gals. Maybe even a crowd if needed. Either way - one or many - these sexy alpha males will dedicate their lives to the pleasure and comfort of their soulmates. They've just got to win them over first.
Genre: MM Romance


From Warlock’s Familiar to His Alpha Husband
A warlock desperate for true love finds his fated partner in the last place he expected.

A string of bad boyfriends haunts Ronan, but the warlock refuses to give up on love. It isn't his first time refusing to bend to what the universe seems determined to give him. When told he had a talent for battle magic, he pursued charms and healing. While his friends sought greatness and renown, Ronan wanted a cozy cottage in the woods with the man he loved by his side.

If only he could find that man.

Ciar hates watching the man he loves get hurt again and again, but what can a familiar do? His only connection to Ronan is their bond as warlock and familiar, and if he goes human, that connection will break. Even though he's sure they are fated to be together, what if he's wrong?

Fresh off his latest disastrous romance, Ronan makes an offhanded remark which changes the direction of their lives forever. But can the newly human Ciar convince the anxious warlock that he's here to stay? Or will Ronan's fear of losing the one person who had been with him through it all keep him from realizing the true love he's always dreamed of?

A fantasy fated friends-to-lovers romance with a twist.

From Forest God's Head Scribe to His Fertile Bride
Forest god Codrin can’t keep his hands off his destined bride; if only innocent Kyrie knew that the boss he’s been fighting an attraction for is his soulmate.

Kyrie trained his whole life to be the head scribe for the forest god who saved him; now an adult, Kyrie can't fight his growing attraction to the sexy, manly deity. Making it worse, Codrin seems to adore touching him. He picks Kyrie up, setting him on his lap and dotes upon the scribe just shy of courting him, but he can't possibly want a romantic relationship with him! Every forest god has a destined bride, and if it were Kyrie, somebody would have told him, right?

Follow this hot, steamy pair as they come together, seducing each other as they preside over the horny denizens of Codrin's forest, who come calling for some interesting blessings from a pair asking to be human to two male werewolves begging to conceive. All this on the way to their happily ever after!

Pining Rival to Virile Mate (MM Omegaverse Nonshifter Novella)
From the moment Carter saw Logan, he wanted to be his alpha, but Logan chaffed under Carter's clumsy attempts at courtship, and he rejects Carter, determined to continue on his path to become an Olympic swimmer.

Unfortunately, in his pursuit of Logan, Carter's stumbled onto the same dream!

The two become bitter rivals - even though the tension between the remain - until a favor for a hungover friend lands them closer then ever, pushing them over the edge from rivals into something more! But can they ever be mates? Or will their relationship always remain purely physical?

The Island God's Fated Mate
A lovestruck demigod reshapes the world to woo his wild fae prince.
Thales struggled as a demigod. His sisters rose to godhood with ease, but Thales couldn't make a single decision about this future. He loved the mountains; however, a life without the forests and the lush green of a wild glen seemed a nightmare. Until he has a territory, Thales won't have a fated mate, yet even that wasn't enough to motivate him.
Until Cadfael came along.
Popping into Thales's father's forest without a care, the fae prince upends everything around him. A tornado made flesh, he's everything Thales admired - determined, intelligent, confident. Cadfael waltzes in, steals Thales heart, and leaves the demigod desperate to become a god, so the bond Thales believes exists between them will awaken.
An island isn't too much to make if it will win Cadfael's heart.
Cadfael wants freedom. Firstborn of the kings of Faerie, he sees the throne as a burden, aching to reshape his world or claim a kingdom on his own rather than having it handed to him. When his younger twin, Idwal, abandons Faerie to elope with his fated mate, Cadfael drowns his frustration and takes a less than sober trip to a forest god's realm.
He doesn't expect to find the brooding Thales endearing. Having never been attracted to anyone before, Cadfael pushes the demigod away. He knows he has no fated mate, so no matter how much he enjoys the demigod's company, he won't risk his heart on someone who is guaranteed to have a soulmate waiting for them.
Racing off to explore the world, Cadfael misses Thales, but as the demigod has begun the work of creating a territory, he's a ticking time bomb to fated mate mayhem.

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