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Harbinger trilogy by Diane Duane
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Overview: DIANE DUANE was born in Manhattan in 1952, a Year of the Dragon. She was raised on Long Island, in the New York City suburbs. She wrote her first unpublished novel when she was eight, illustrating it herself in crayon. After many years of study and struggle, she stormed into the science fiction world in 1979 with The Door into Fire, published by Dell Books.

Duane now lives with her husband in County Wicklow in Ireland, along with four cats and several seriously overworked computers. A Campbell Award nominee, Duane is the author of nineteen acclaimed novels of science fiction and fantasy. Five of these were from the New York Times best-selling STAR TREK novels. She also authored a very popular “Wizard” series of young adult fantasies published by Delacorte/Dell. In her spare time, Duane travels (Switzerland being a favorite destination), studies German, dabbles in astronomy, and spends time weeding the garden.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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Starrise at Corrivale
Gabriel Connor is up against it. Expelled from the Concord Marines and exiled in disgrace, he's offered one last chance by the Concord to redeem himself. All it involves is gambling his life in a vicious game of death.

Storm at Eldala
The New York Times best-selling author Diane Duane continues the story begun in Starrise at Corrivale. As Gabriel Connor and his companion Enda scratch out a living among the more dangerous stars of The Verge, they stumble upon an astonishing revelation from out of the depths of time.

Nightfall at Algemron
A dark night is set to descend upon humanity. An empire of malevolent aliens looms in the out reaches of known space while the Galactic Concord struggles to unite humanity's crumbling alliance.
Gabriel Connor's quest to preserve the Verge and clear his name leads him to Algemron, a system ravaged by war and rotting from corruption within, then to the ruins of an ancient civilization.
To save his friends, he must risk all he holds dear.
To save himself, he may have to become something more than human.

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