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2 books by Robert A. Heinlein
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Overview: Robert A. Heinlein (Robert Anson Heinlein), July 7, 1907 - May 8, 1988
Pen name Anson MacDonald, Lyle Monroe, John Riverside, Simon York
Robert Anson Heinlein was an American science-fiction author, aeronautical engineer, and retired Naval officer. Sometimes called the "dean of science fiction writers", he was among the first to emphasize scientific accuracy in his fiction, and was thus a pioneer of the subgenre of hard science fiction. His published works, both fiction and non-fiction, express admiration for competence and emphasize the value of critical thinking. His work continues to have an influence on the science-fiction genre, and on modern culture more generally.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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Assignment in Eternity (1953) SSC
Gulf: in which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can't decide on quite what to do with the rest of us. The prequel to Heinlein's later New York Times best seller, Friday.
Lost Legacy: in which it is proved that we are all members of that league of the superhuman–or would be, if we but had eyes to see.
Plus two great short stories: two of the master's finest: one on the nature of being, the other on what it means to be a Man. The second story, "Jerry Was a Man," was adapted for the TV series "Masters of Science Fiction,"
I would start reading from the end, from "Afterword" by Dave Drake - then you'll better understand this collection.

The Worlds of Robert Heinlein (1966) SSC
The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein includes an introduction entitled "Pandora's Box" that describes some of the difficulties in making predictions about the near future. Heinlein outlines some of his predictions that he made in 1949 (published 1952) and examines how well they stood up to some 15 years of progress in 1965. The prediction was originally published in Galaxy magazine, Feb 1952, Vol. 3, No. 5, under the title "Where to?" (pp. 13-22).
Following the introduction are five short stories:
* "Free Men" (written c. 1947, but first published in this collection, 1966)
* "Blowups Happen" (1940)
* "Searchlight" (1962)
* "Life-Line" (1939)
* "Solution Unsatisfactory" (1940)

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