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Oct 25th, 2020, 7:56 am
My Best Friend's Sister by Lori Rose
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Overview: Lily had always looked up to her best friend’s sister, in the way all kids do at someone a few years older and a hell of a lot cooler than them.
As time went on, though, that sense of innocent admiration manifested itself as something more. At first it was an uncertain feeling, a girlish crush, and later an undeniable want.
Hannah, Sophie’s older sister, was something of a wild child. Petite but fiery, she was simply stunning and carried herself with the kind of confidence that suggested she knew it. She had always looked out for Lily and at times the pair seemed closer than the sisters themselves.
As Lily’s sexual awakening became increasingly difficult to ignore, Hannah was the first to notice. She teased the younger girl until she reached breaking point.
What will come of Lily, Sophie and Hannah's intimate relationship? Find out now in this standalone first time tale by much-loved LGBT author Lori Rose.
Genre: Erotic Romance, Lesbian FF


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