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Sep 15th, 2012, 7:26 pm
New Orleans Knights Trilogy by JoAnn Ross (Books #1, #2 and #3)
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Overview: NEW ORLEANS KNIGHTS: Three brothers, three unforgettable heroes.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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1. Roarke: The Adventurer: Roarke O'Malley: loves danger and beautiful women. As a globe-trotting journalist, he lives on the edge using his wits, daring and sheer love of adventure. Home to recuperate from an attempt on f his life, set up by a woman who claimed to love him, he falls into the greatest danger of all ....

Beautiful and vulnerable Daria Shea runs to Roarke for help. Without her memory, she doesn't know who is trying to hurt her or why. Roarke claims he's no knight in shining armor, but with him Daria feels safe. And as they investigate together, the hot sultry days of New Orleans turn into steamy, loving nights .... But with his history--and the ring from another man on her finger--can Daria make Roarke believe in love?

2. Shayne: The Pretender: Shayne O'Malley: Undercover operative. Handsome as sin, he plays the part of a jet-setting playboy, perfectly willing to use seduction to finish his assignment. No woman has ever been his match until...

Suspected thief Bliss Fortune turned his world upside down. Shayne's superiors were convinced Bliss was part of an international jewel-smuggling ring, but cynical, world-weary Shayne is suddenly having other ideas. He's beginning to wonder if the trusting, beautiful, passionate woman might be innocent. But that meant someone was setting her up ....

3. Michael: The Defender: Michael O'Malley: Responsible, determined, loyal. As a private detective, Michael was used to taking care of people. No one needed his help more or wanted it less than...

Lorelei Longstreet. Someone wanted to hurt the beautiful movie star whom Michael had been hired to guard day and night. For Lorelei, however, being with strong, sexy Michael recalled their bittersweet love affair from years ago. As did being back in sultry New Orleans. Michael might protect her from danger, but who was going to protect Lorelei from him?

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Sep 15th, 2012, 7:26 pm