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Unexpected Love series (#1-2) by Frankie Duncan
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Overview: What can I say? I am a tall, slim, outrageously stunning, lesbian/queer fiction writer, who as you might have guessed by now, doesn’t take herself too seriously.

I live in Scotland with my eye-rolling partner and our cute (and she knows it) terrier.
Genre: Fiction > Romance FF


First Comes Love (#1)
Brogan Mearns keeps her commitment for work, and everything else is strictly fun. She is used to calling the shots in her London life but a move to Scotland changes everything.
When she meets a beautiful, younger woman, Libby, who sees the world quite differently, her life is turned on its head. Everybody loves Libby but will she be able to win Brogan's heart?
A slow-burn, romantic tale of new beginnings, hope and family.
Please also note that this book contains some hot and steamy sex scenes and a little angst. You have been warned.
This novel was first published under the title of 'Reclamation' in July 2020. 'First Comes Love' is the edited and extended republished novel of the original work.

Love in Action (#2)
When Hollywood comes to Scotland, for the filming of a new epic tale of highland romance, the boundaries between reality and fairytale become blurred. It takes a brave heart to keep believing and this romantic comedy challenges you to find out if you too would be brave enough to trust your own heart.
Kat is a force of nature; a free spirited woman who knows how to have fun and never wants to be tied down. Kat, loves life, women, gin and sex although not always in that order.
Jennifer Michaels is an oscar winning American actress, often described as “one of the best actresses of her generation." At 53, she had led a full career but little is known about her personal life although that has never stopped the rumour factory.
When Jen arrives in Kat’s village she is handed an opportunity, to which she cannot say no. A simple “yes” sets in motion a series of events with an outcome, neither expected.

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