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His Billionaire series by C.J. Turner (#1-3)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 439 kB
Overview: CJ Turner writes contemporary MM romances that feature billionaires, opposites attract, single dads, and the occasional lovable dog. Although each story is filled with delicious tension, they all have a happily ever after.
Genre: Romance, MM

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The Artist and His Billionaire (#1): He’s a wealthy bachelor. I’m a penniless painter. But when opposites attract, can we stay inside the lines?
Living as a starving artist above the flower shop doesn’t give me many opportunities to meet mister right.
That’s why I’m focused on building my career as a fine art painter.
When the beautiful and wealthy Theo Collins enters the flower shop, my heart stops and my brushes get wet.
Theo is stunning, sophisticated, and a walking piece of art that I’m tempted to nail against the wall.
But can we find love when we come from two different worlds?

Theo: It’s hard to find love when you’re a billionaire.
After a lifetime of people trying to get close to me for my name and money, it’s hard to know what’s real.
When I meet Lennox, it’s refreshing to find someone who doesn’t care about my fortune.
Lennox is creative, honest, and is interested in more than just the bulge in my pocket.
Now, I have to convince him that I don’t care what people say--we belong together.

The Mountain Man and His Billionaire (#2): He’s a big city boy and I’m a mountain man. We couldn’t be more different, but could he be the one to make me finally go down?
Alister: The socialite lifestyle is getting old.
After being dumped by an Instagram model, I need to escape my gilded cage.
Climbing a mountain proves too much for a pampered party boy like me, so when a mountain man comes to my rescue, I’m not sure if it’s the altitude, but something takes my breath away.
Manu is hunky, heroic, and hot enough to take me to new heights.
But can we overcome love’s rocky path?

Manu: Lately, luck has not been on my side.
With a messy break-up and a business I can’t get off the ground, I’m beginning to think I’ll never be on top.
When I stumble upon a man scrambling up the mountain, my spirit soars to a new summit.
Alister is magnetic, refined, and has high peaks I’d like to plant my flag in.
But does a simple mountain man ever get this lucky?

The Doctor and His Billionaire (#3): He’s helpful and down to Earth while I’m a busy billionaire CEO. But despite my peanut allergy, I’m eager to get my hands on his nuts.

Brad: Halfway through couples therapy, I realized I was gay.
I figured taking a business trip out of town was the best way to avoid drama after the split.
That is, until I have an allergic reaction on a plane. Thankfully, a beautiful doctor with an EpiPen comes to my aid, but that’s not the only piece of equipment I want him to jab me with.
Chase is funny, altruistic, and sculpted like a Greek God I’d be happy to get on my knees for.
But will my inexperience cause us to crash and burn?

Chase: Dating just isn’t possible right now, especially since I’m still questioning my sexuality.
The one thing I’m sure of is that my patients and my work will always come first.
But when a handsome stranger needs my help 10,000 feet in the sky, his throat isn’t the only thing swelling.
Brad is rich, sexy, and packing a large amount of baggage in his pants.
But with such uncertainty in my heart, can a relationship ever take off?

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