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Apr 5th, 2021, 4:57 pm
The Sentient Trilogy by Ian Williams (Books 2-3)
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Overview: Ian Williams is a Science Fiction writer from the UK. His first book, Transitory, was published on Kindle in 2014.
After 7 years working for the UK Court Service, Ian began writing as a hobby. When that became his everyday routine he found himself lost in a world of infinite possibilities, never able to accept just one outcome of many. In the end he chose to ride the tide of time and allowed the future to be an unknown space, where only the stories he lives can ever alter that timeline.
Genre: Fiction » Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror


2. The Sentient Mimic
After the DEVASTATION caused to the city at the end of The Sentient Collector, those left to clean up the mess are unaware that the THREAT still remains. Finding out the truth will bring forth a new NIGHTMARE. Only in what form that threat will come, is beyond anything the citizens of New Chelmsford could ever have imagined.
Called into action by a mystery arrival, PHOENIX must again venture into dangerous territory to uncover what lies beneath. To repay a debt, she will go to Hell and back if that is what it takes. A fallen comrade, a friend she never had, a person she cannot forget; someone she owes her life to.
Elsewhere in the city, DCI CONRAD ROBINSON faces his hardest case yet. In all of his 39 years as a police officers he has never seen such VIOLENCE, such disregard for human life. Who is behind these gruesome murders? And why are they TARGETING citizens of New Chelmsford? Solving the case will either end his career, or end him!

3. The Sentient Corruption
The end is here. The war has now arrived. The fight back must begin.
The events in The Sentient Collector and The Sentient Mimic have placed many in a terrifying situation. With the enemy now in complete control of the city, the citizens of New Chelmsford are facing a desperate struggle. Survival is now a matter of how well those that are left alive can hide.
But there is still hope in the war against Isaac and his growing force of mindless soldiers. An heroic mission has been put forward that aims to pave the way for one last battle. Will it succeed or will it place even more innocent people in danger?
Follow familiar friends as they battle to overcome the worst of Isaac’s terrible plans. Who will survive? How many will die?

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Apr 5th, 2021, 4:57 pm