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Merovingen Nights series by C.J. Cherryh (ed.)
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Overview: Merovingen Nights is a shared-world, collaborative series edited by C.J. Cherryh, based on Cherryh's 1985 novel Angel with the Sword. Authors include C.J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Robert Lynn Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Leslie Fish, Janet & Chris Morris, Nancy Asire, and Roberta Rogow.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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MEROVIN: the world that C.J. Cherryh built, a low-tech, inhospitable planet where the human survivors of a colony nearly destroyed by an enigmatic alien race still dwell, salvaging what they can. while awaiting the return of the alien menace or rediscovery by the Terrans who abandoned them in that long-ago time of terror.
MEROVINGEN: the fantastic city of canals, where the wealthy and powerful dwell in the highest towers, and the boaters, beggars, spies, and thieves lurk on the highly polluted interlacing waterways below….

Angel with the Sword (Novel)
Gutsy young canaler Altair Jones earns her livelihood on the danger-filled byways of the canals and in the dark “lower city,” always staying just the right side of the law and keeping out of trouble until the night she rescues a high-born stranger from drowning. Then, suddenly, Altair is catapulted into the world of upper-level politics, where games of power are played for keeps, and where a canaler must use all her wit and skill just to survive….

Festival Moon
With the Festival of the Scouring approaching, CJ. Cherryh has invited some of today's finest writers into Merovingen, to weave together this tale of Festival Moon, a time of mystery and murder, of power games both high and low, a Festival after which this world will never be quite the same again.

Fever Season
As the fever-fed canal city is brought to the brink of war, and panicked by the threat of the alien sharrh's imminent return, those who prowl both the highways and the waters below must take up the challenge to keep Merovingen safe from devastating internal treachery...

Troubled Waters
Seeking a weapon with which to blackmail Thomas Mondragon into doing his bidding, Chance Magruder— ambassador, spy, master assassin, and chief strategist for the fanatical Sword of God—has seized the opportunity to kidnap Altair Jones. But what Magruder doesn't know is that by imprisoning Jones he and his allies in crime, the slavers of Megary, may have unleashed a new force in the power games of Merovingen, a force which, its anger once roused, may prove completely unstoppable in its quest for revenge!

Smuggler's Gold
Spring comes to Merovingen... and plots begin to grow—as tangled as the strange new plants proliferating in tire backwaters of the City of a Thousand Bridges, as dangerous as the ferment of religious mania that threatens hightowners and canalsiders alike...

Divine Right
Far more than tangle-lillies threatens the peace of Merovingen. For the Janists have found a long sought means for spreading forbidden technological knowledge to the canalers even as the Nev Hettek agents led by Magruder see their plot to infiltrate and gain control of some of the great Houses place in sudden and unexpected jeopardy. And, with the city's future already in peril, will the discovery of an intelligent, nonhuman native race shift the precarious power balance and spark a long-feared revolt?

Flood Tide
Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Thomas will need the help of Jones and all his allies if he is to have any hope of escaping this deadly trap. Revantist fanaticism is strengthening, and Merovingen may soon find itself drowning in an unstoppable reign of terror which not even Janist and canaler conspiracies can avert....

Merovingen’s ruler is assassinated, and fires begin to rage uncontrollably throughout the city. With enemies on every side, can Mondragon, Jones, and their comrades long survive as Merovingen is wracked by what may well prove the city’s death throes?

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