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Apr 15th, 2021, 9:16 pm
3 Novels by Mandoline Creme
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Overview: Mandoline Creme is an erotica writer who loves what she does, and infuses this into her stories. A wild life has led her to have many experiences, which she utilizes to really connect with her readers.

A former dancer with many nerdy hobbies, her favorite stories are usually set in dramatic, detailed fantasy worlds with a twist. She writes to her heart's desire, finding no subject too taboo. With her catalog only growing, the idea of ever pausing, of ever quitting this road of love and sensual debauchery, has never crossed her mind.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic

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Trained for Milking: Freya's plan is simple.
Join a gym, get in shape, and land the fitness model job of her dreams.
Her personal trainer, Drake, seems amazing, and he has strict instructions for her to follow. With everything lined up correctly, she should be getting lean and tight in no time flat!
But, while her body is changing, it isn't in the way she imagined.
Why are none of her bras fitting anymore, and why are her nipples so tender and sensitive?
Can Drake somehow be causing her to transform, and if so, what is he after?

Pushing Her Limits: When a discussion about anal sex turns into a dangerous romp mixed with a few drinks, a pair of friends quickly find themselves in a situation far more hot than any debate. Brandy staunchly feels her views are the only acceptable ones, but Paul is determined to change her mind any way he can.

Monster Hunter Conquest: Bundle: Siena is brave, Siena is bold, and in these three erotic tales, Siena is out of luck.
Again and again, as she challenges magical monsters and intimidating beasts in order to full fill her duty as a Monster Hunter, she finds herself the one conquered. From dragons, to rat-men, to giant slugs, Siena handles them all in this collection; Yielding to Dragons, Yielding to the Rat Clan, and Yielding to the Giant Slug.

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