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Apr 30th, 2021, 3:35 pm
Valentina Winters Series by Michael Anderle (1-2)
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Overview: I live in England with my all-male family of two other humans and three dogs. I'm seriously outnumbered.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. The Red Countess - ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem in the cesspool of humanity's future. Anything you do inside your own home is allowed.
It is a dog-eat-dog world of millionaires and billionaires. The rest of society beneath them live in ignorance.
Those at the top have money, tools, people, assassins and murderers.
One such assassin was a rumor, a myth, a ghost in the night.
The Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters.
A player amongst the elite has something Valentina wants, and she is willing to do most anything to get it. Including his jobs.
Theft of secrets, acquisition of passwords, perhaps a death or two if need be.
That's power others in the hierarchy fear, and where there is fear, there are opportunities.
When you play with an assassin, you had better be sure you don't get bit.
Do those who desire Atlantica's secrets really care?
It's all fun and games until the bodies start dropping.
And that is fun so long as the bodies aren't theirs.
But when the temptations of Atlantica grip your soul, don't say we didn't warn you.

2. One Night To Kill - The Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters.
If you see her, it's likely to be the last vision in your life.
Valentina has a problem. An assassin competitor shows up unannounced and unappreciated.
Never a good situation to find oneself in.
The Conclave members are infighting and providing her additional jobs.
Now, if those jobs weren't in conflict, life might have been a touch easier to handle.
With an assassin on her tail, two powerfully rich competitors vying for her services and worries about her missing sibling, she is determined to make it all work out in the end.
Or several people are going to die.

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1. The Red Countess

2. One Night To Kill

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2. One Night To Kill
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