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May 7th, 2021, 5:18 am
Submissive MILF series by Riley Rose
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 4mb
Overview: Hi I'm Riley! I love writing action, sci-fi, and fantasy erotica with fun and adventurous female protagonists. So look out for sexy lesbian and bisexual women from all different cultures who are zombie hunters, intrepid globe-trotting adventurers, Half-Elf demon slayers, and secret agents with their talking car partners!
Genre: Fiction > Erotica > FF


Seducing My Best Friend's MILF

Alex Masters is the hottest MILF in town! And her daughter’s best friend Melody knows it. After crushing on Alex for years, Melody finally decides to make her move on Alex’s sexy and sultry body.

Will Alex let herself be seduced by her daughter’s super-cute and sexy 20 year-old friend? Will she let Melody pleasure her in extremely kinky ways? And will she become the most submissive and sexy MILF on the planet?

Find out how naughty this hot mom can get in Seducing My Best Friend’s MILF!

A lesfic erotica featuring lesbian submission, lesbian bondage, BDSM, spanking, age gap sex, and a super-hot MILF being dominated!

Tempting My Best Friend's MILF

Alex Masters is still the hottest MILF in town! But now she's in a submissive relationship with her daughter's 20 year-old best friend Melody. And loves letting Mel dominate her sexy 40 year-old body.

But she also loves her daughter. More than anything. And can't let her find out about her and Melody.

Will Alex and Mel be able to keep their illicit love affair a secret? Will Alex let her daughter's best friend dominate all her most sensitive areas in new and kinky ways? Find out how much naughtier Alex gets in Book 2 of the Submissive MILF Series!

Snowed In with My Best Friend's MILF

Alex Masters is in an illicit love affair with her daughter's best friend Melody. She knows she should break it off but she just can't resist Mel's amazing 20 year-old body.

When Alex goes on a ski trip with Mel, will the slopes heat up with their lovemaking? And will Alex be able to keep their relationship a secret from her daughter Josie who's also along on the snowy sojourn?

Find out how naughty Alex gets on the slopes and in the hot tub in Book 3 of the Submissive MILF Series!

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