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Taboo Fantasies Series (#1 & 5-6) by Brianna Skylark
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Overview: BRIANNA SKYLARK is the pen name of a happily married, utterly insatiable, thirty-something mother of two living in a repressed little village on the south coast of England.

She's the wife of a rugged archeologist and often likes to think she's married to Indiana Jones. Over the years she's experimented with various occupations including filmmaking, video game voiceover artist and climbing instructor, but her favourite job is her most recent one... steamy romance novelist.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Menage > Swingers > Wife-Swapping

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Tushie: A Taboo Tale of Forbidden Love (Taboo Fantasies #1):
At first the idea was naughty and rude, but the more Elsie thought about it, the more it become lip bitingly tempting, shamefully arousing and skin-tinglingly taboo.
Elsie’s never been touched there before… until her husband Cole accidentally brushes against her forbidden innocence the night before their first wedding anniversary. To her surprise, she loves it and now she wants more...
What starts as a taboo curiosity, quickly escalates into an overwhelming desire to push the conventional boundaries of their sex life, both in and out of the bedroom.
Elsie wants her husband to ravish her tushie, and she can’t wait to find out what it feels like…

Peach: A Penthouse Swingers Party (Taboo Fantasies #5):
Five years of marriage, four fantasies fulfilled, three little words… Fancy an orgy?
When a cryptic invitation arrives, one week before their fifth anniversary, inviting husband and wife, Elsie and Cole to a Penthouse Swingers Party at a mystery location, they’re overwhelmingly excited.
When they discover that best friend and insatiable libertine Alice is behind it all, and has invited their new friends Anna and Tom alongside Elsie’s old flame Big Ben to the party too, they can barely contain their enthusiasm.
But there’s a big difference between a little intimate fun between friends, and a sex party, and as the big day approaches, Elsie starts to have second thoughts.
After five years, she’s starting to wonder if this is really the lifestyle for her… Is it time to settle down and think about the future? Or is this an opportunity for one last big bang?

Petal: A Swingers Vacation Fantasy (Taboo Fantasies #6):
Six friends, three nights, one secret, and an ocean full of sin.
Insatiable libertine Alice has booked a cheeky little surprise vacation for herself, Ben, Elsie and Cole, and their new naughty swinger friends, Anna and Tom.
Three nights on a private yacht, sailing off the coast of Monaco, cruising in the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea by day, and making love under an ocean of stars by night.
It’s the perfect getaway, and an opportunity for the group to explore a few more scandalous kinks amongst the privacy of the waves.
But under the surface feelings are beginning to stir... and Alice is harbouring a secret that she needs to tell someone, before it breaks her heart.

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