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Scent of A Mate series by Stormy Glenn (Books 1~6)
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Overview: I live in the great Northwest region of the USA, with my gorgeous husband and soul mate, six very active teenagers, two boxer/collie puppies, two old biddy cats, and three fish. When I'm not being a mother to my six teenagers or cleaning up after my two 70 pound lap puppies, you can usually find me cuddled in bed with a book in my hand and a puppy in my lap. Or on my laptop, creating the next sexy man for one of my stories.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


Cat's Pride #1: Benji ran away from Stellan three years ago when he discovered that they were mates. Not because he didn't want the alpha as his mate but because Stellan refused But now Benji's in trouble and his sexy mate may be the only thing that can save him.
Stellan wanted Benji the moment he met him but Benji didn't have the mating scent. Reluctantly, Stellan agreed to mate with someone else. When he receives a desperate phone call telling him that Benji is in trouble, he wants to ignore it but he can't. Despite everything, he still has feelings for Benji.
Kody is a rogue lion working for the council enforcing their rules. When he receives a call from Alpha Stellan to go check on Benji, a man that disappeared three years ago, Kody agrees. What he finds when he arrives is a mess so terrible, he has nothing left to do but call in the alpha, especially when Kody learns that both Benji and Stellan are his mates.
It will take the three of them to save Benji from the men bent on destroying him, but it will take their love for each other to heal the wounds between them.

A Little Bit of Heaven #2: Hugh Marshall is disgusted when his father gives him an ultimatum. Mate with the daughters of a neighboring pride or lose his baby brother. Hugh decides to run with both of his brothers. He just has to save a family of white Bengal tigers staying in his father's territory before that can happen. Hugh is shocked when he discovers that the sweetest of the men he rescues, Kye Hara, is his mate, and that means Hugh is an alpha.
Forced to run for their lives, Hugh takes his new family and races to the only place he knows they might be safe, the home of another alpha. Stellan Mihos promised him safety, but will that still hold true when the man discovers Hugh is now an alpha in his own right? And just how pissed is he going to be when it's discovered that Stellan's brother and beta, Neumus, is also Hugh's mate? Will he help them or turn them over to those hunting them?
With his family growing every time he turns around, will Hugh be able to keep them all safe from those that want them dead? Or will he lose his new mates before he even has a chance to claim them?

Heavenly Scent #3: Jude Mason and his identical twin brother are ocelots. In the paranormal world, that means that they are less than everyone else. They are considered abominations, chased from one pride territory to the next, never knowing if someone is going to attack them or where they might find their next meal. When Jude stops off at a local bar to get a glass of milk, he finds the one thing he thought he’d never have—his mate. There’s just one problem…his mate is human and knows nothing of the shifter world or the bond that just formed between them.
Tripp Van Buren never imagined he’d fall for a geeky little guy with glasses and a surprising giggle. But after meeting the strange man, he can’t stop thinking about him. It’s almost an obsession. And so is the need to keep Jude protected from everything. When Tripp goes back to the bar for Jude, he discovers a world he never had a clue about—shifters, mates, claiming, mating heat, and something different about Jude that takes them all by surprise. Tripp knows that if he wants to stay in this odd world with Jude, he’ll need to learn everything he can about it. But will he still want Jude after he learns just how unique Jude is?

Heart of a Mate #4: Patch Mason is content to sit back and watch his brother be the new Regal Elder until one of the men coming to see him turns out to be the mate that rejected him and sent men after him to destroy his life. Forgiveness isn’t something he has in him, not any more.
Otto Marshall has been looking for his missing mate for months. He gave the man up once to save him from a fate worse than death only to find out that in giving him up, he nearly destroyed him. Forgiveness is not something he has the right to ask for, but neither is losing Patch a second time.
Sam Holloway was sent to warn the Marshall brothers that their father had escaped prison. He never dreamed that he would discover not one, but two mates, or that both of them would be the targets of an insane alpha bent on revenge. If he can’t get them to come to terms with each other then he might lose them both.

Taming A Beta's Heart #5:(ePUB only) viewtopic.php?p=1988572#1988572

Omega Born #6: For six years, Sawney Marshall was unable to claim his mate due to political maneuvering and pride boundaries. He bided his time, plotting and planning. When the call comes that Ricky is in trouble, Sawney races to save him despite the consequences.
Ricardo de Luca had all but given up. It seemed like his life had been a series of heartaches, from being subjected to abuse by his pride mates to not being able to be claimed by his mate. When his father’s protection is removed and the abuse he has suffered for years escalates, Ricky despairs of ever seeing his mate again.
When Sawney claims Ricky, he sets into motion a series of events that will test their bond as well as those between prides. Can he depend on his brothers to help him rescue Ricky or will he be alone as he goes after his omega born mate?

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