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Feb 19th, 2013, 8:38 pm
CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier v7.0.6
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: This app can detect CPU type, speeds (mhz), PCB/Product, GPU type,states,size (inches) of the screen, CPU states, Deep Sleep capabilities and bogomips for Smartphones and Tablets , CPU+GPU Visual database+infos included.

CPU: CPU speed range, CPU frequency states + governors, CPU Technology, brand, model, year, benchmarking and general infos
Board: Name, Model, producer, general information about builder, RAM MODULE
GPU: Name, speed, technology, brand, cpu integration and general infos
Kernel: Compiler workstation, builder, revision, general infos
Screen: Resolution, DPIs, Inches - Size

(Qualcomm, Infotmic, Marvell , OMAP, Atom, Exynos, Rockchips, Mediatek, Wondermedia, Samsung, MEIZU etc...) includes a valutation tool,a Bogomips database of +500 tablet/phone Bogomips speeds, a visual database of all Android-compatible ARM CPUs

if you experience the (Google i think)error:

CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier could not be downloaded due to an error. (error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0])

This is the solution:

Removing Google Account and putting it back in solved the problem. As well as clearing our the data in the Play Store app.

the application is under constant development, feel free to give us the data of your CPU/MobilePhone/Tablet
We can add your name to thanks list directly on the app.

Special Thanks To:

Karol Olen for: One-S models, Adreno and Krait infos
Sergio for the new CPUs alert and Adreno infos
Alberto 'Keldaron' for HTC tests
Igor for Note/S3 infos
Francesco for I9003 cpu-infos
Alex S. for the MT6575 infos + suggestions
Anthony H. for the MSM8960 infos
Goner for the Archos A80S infos
William for the Z102 infos
Robert C. for the HTC One X infos
Maria B. for the RK3066 infos
Les L. for the Droid Bionic infos
Sonia for the Galaxy ACE infos
Alessia for the GT-I5500 infos
Murray B. for the SZX-PDX0 infos
Paul H. for the ZT280 infos
Joshua R. for the Droid Bionic infos
Flint B. for the SGH-I717 infos + cores bug
Emre I. for Galaxy S3 new infos
Omar T. for the U8500 infos
Jacky O. for the 8'' WM8650 infos
Steven M. for the 7'' WM8650 infos
Patchara B. for the MZ601 infos
Rodion B. for the AML8726MX infos
Anang for the GT-I8150 infos
Drsanthos for the Atom Z2460 infos
Curtis H. for the SGH-T769 infos
Trisha S. for the Exynos 3110 valutation
Alessandro for the Nexus S infos
John for the Mali 400 infos
Alain T. for the A10 infos
James D. for the Cosmopolitan infos
Flint B. for the I717 infos
Martin D. for the Tegra3 info+bug report
Nathan A. for the HTC One XL infos
Andres R. for the Archos5 infos
Bryan W. for the Tegra3 infos
Pana R. for the N7000 infos
M. K. for the Galaxy Note infos
Daniel K. for the One X infos
Kiril K. for the Crane infos
Rainer W. for the Archos infos
Mike B. for the Iconia infos
Drakulian R. for L710 Infos and suggestions
Carl D. for the Sony Tablet infos
Christian R. for the 1.7 Ghz cpu infos
Pritham K. for the Galaxy Nexus infos
Dawid B. for the T-131 infos
Karim G. for the Galaxy Gio infos
Izmirli for the W10 Tablet infos
Dimetrius for the MB865 infos
Mike/Victoria B. for the MSM7627 infos
Xantabaki for the Newsmy T3 infos
Natthacha D. for the 9703 infos
Mgsfoxhound2 for the SGH-T499 infos

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More Info:
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Download Instructions: ... v7.0.6.rar

Mirror: ... 6.rar.html
Feb 19th, 2013, 8:38 pm
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