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Silver Moon Wolves series by Sunny Day (Books 1,2,3 )
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Overview: Sunny Day's main preoccupation in life is reading and/or writing books, though she much prefers reading what someone else wrote. She is thirty something, single, and can usually be found attached to her laptop. Her only form of exercise is bouncing up and down when whatever story she is working on shapes well.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


Finding Alpha #1: Don's new pack alpha is insane, and they are all in danger as long as he holds the power, which is why his pack brings in another alpha to fight Zane. Don wouldn't have a problem with that, except that Rhys is his mate.
Rhys had been poisoned to lose the fight for the alpha position in his birth pack and is unwilling to trust anyone, especially not the pack who wants him to kill their alpha. Even if he is attracted to Don, it doesn't mean the other man is someone he should trust. He still hasn't come to a decision whether to risk another alpha challenge or not when Zane does one thing he won't forgive. He kidnaps Don. Now Rhys is left with no choice.

Finding Beta #2: Antonio de Luca never meant to leave his birth pack. After all, it was founded by his family. But the friction between him and the pack's future beta forced him to change his decision. Luckily a friend who recently became a pack alpha offers him a beta position and new home.
Antonio expected things to be better in his new pack. What he didn't expect was to find his mate, which should be a happy occasion, except it's not.
Murray Thomas doesn't sleep with men. He doesn't even admit he wants to, even if the attraction between him and Antonio is undeniable. Antonio has to tread carefully around him. To make matters worse, Antonio becomes the target of vandalism. Someone obviously isn't happy with him. Can his and Murray's fragile bond survive the danger they are in?

Finding Ned #3: Ned Morisson is having a bad day. Someone just tried to kill him, and then the man who broke his heart years ago saved him. He isn't sure what is worse. His boss orders him to stay with Zack until his attacker is caught. Staying with Zack is not an option, because no matter how attracted he is to the other man, there is no future for him and Zack.
Zack Kylen had left his pack and his family behind when he escaped, or tried to, his growing attraction to Ned. He'd built another life and a successful career and was content if not happy until their paths crossed again. His every instinct tells him to protect Ned, but he can't resist the pull the other man has on him, even if it means losing everything he has again.
Question is, are they both willing to pay the price

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