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Nehalem Pack series by A J Jarrett (Books 1-13 & 17, 26 & 32, 34, 37,38)
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Overview: AJ Jarrett is happily married to her best friend and the mother of four, yes, four children. Born and raised in Missouri and loves the area most of the time, until it snows a ton. She enjoys reading and reads a lot. When not reading she can be found propped up in her favorite spot on the couch with her laptop plotting her next story or finishing one of her WIP.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


The Alpha's Captive #1: Hunters have taken everything from Devon Carsten. First, they murdered his parents, and now they’ve taken his brother. With no other options left, Devon decides an eye for an eye, or in this case a brother for a son, is the best course of action, and he takes the son of the man who kidnapped his brother. But his plan blows up in his face when he realizes the man in question is his mate.
Aiden Stefano never imagined a weekend at home would start off with him being kidnapped by men claiming to be werewolves or that he would fall for one. Now he must find a way to convince Devon what they share is worth fighting for and prove to his father that wolves aren’t the monsters he believes them to be. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?
Aiden is the only thing Devon has to bargain with, but can he give up his mate to save his brother?

The Wolf's Runaway Tiger #2: Viktor Carsten has been a loner all his adult life. After witnessing the death of his parents, he’s in no rush to fall in love for fear he’ll lose them, too. A night out drinking and dancing leads him to the one thing he’s been trying to avoid, his mate.

“Run!” was the last word Shane Pickett’s mother uttered to him before she died, and he’s been running ever since. Shane being a rare white tiger shifter makes him a valuable commodity to hunters, and because of that he can’t afford to form attachments or stay in one spot for too long, but all that changes when he moves to Silver Creek. He’s finally created a life he doesn’t want to give up and finds the mate he can’t live without.
When Shane’s past comes knocking on his door it’s up to Viktor to rescue his mate, but will he be in time?

His Dominant Omega #3: Being an omega wolf was never Cole Weathers’s choice. He doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body, and taking orders just isn’t his thing. When given an ultimatum from his overbearing father, he leaves the only home he’s ever known to experience life as he always wanted to, free from his father’s hatred.
Applying for a job leads Cole right to his mate, Josef Bayer. Not that he doesn’t want a mate. He just doesn’t want to bring anyone into his crazy family life. He disguises his scent from Josef, feeling the other man is better off, but his plan backfires.
Josef can’t explain his attraction to Cole, but it's driving him crazy. When he discovers Cole’s deception, he doesn’t know if he should be relieved or angry for being lied to, but all that is forgotten when a crazed alpha threatens Cole. Now Josef must rely on his friends to help him save the man he loves.

The Hunter's Sexy Wolf #4: There are things a werewolf hunter should never do. One, father a child with a werewolf, and two, fall in love with one. Noah Thompson has gone and done both. After years of being a hunter, he leaves that life behind to raise his half-human, half-werewolf son.
It goes against all Noah has been trained to believe, but Skyler Rossum tears down the walls he’s built up around his heart. With his smoldering good looks and kindness to a child that isn’t even his, Skyler is more than Noah ever thought he deserved but everything he needs.
Skyler has always wanted a family of his own, and now he’s found his mate who comes complete with a child that Skyler can call his own. When Noah’s past comes a-calling, it’s up to Skyler to prove to his mate he’s not just another pretty face and fight for the life they’ve created together.

The Human's complicated Wolf #5: Jensen Collins never believed werewolves existed until he found himself in love with one. The funny thing is loving a man who can turn into a wolf is the least of his problems. Josh Weathers not only stole Jensen’s heart but broke it in one fell swoop. Now Jensen can only hope some time away will help mend his broken heart.
Josh never had a gay thought in his adult life until he met Jensen. Now all he can think about are ways to get Jensen underneath him. With a goal set to win back his mate, Josh goes in search of the one that got away, but things become complicated when he catches his mate on a date with another man.

His Perfect Mate #6: Jake Weathers just wants to be happy. After the death of his father and the abandonment of his twin brother, all he longs for is something normal in his life. But what he wants and what he gets are out of his control.
Carl Sampson has learned life doesn’t give out favors or happy endings. Being held prisoner with his younger brother for the past three years has left him a broken man. Daily physical and sexual abuse has taken away his ability to trust others. That is until he comes face to face with his mate. Learning to trust again might be Carl’s toughest challenge yet.
Carl discovers all too soon that he can’t run from his past. After his brother is taken by the very man they escaped from, Carl has to put his issues aside and accept Jake’s help. But Carl is starting to wonder if he can sacrifice his mate in order to save his brother.

An Unexpected Mate #7: After suffering from years of abuse, Casper Sampson is free to live a normal life. Falling in love never factored into his visions of the future, but after just one look at his mate, Casper can’t control his feelings and wants to surrender his heart to the man who’s stolen it.
Phillip Stefano has hunted werewolves his whole adult life, but all that changed when his son became mated to one, and now Phillip will do anything to protect the wolves who have accepted him into their family.
When the head of council headquarters stops in for an unexpected visit, Phillip grows suspicious of his motives. To make matters worse, Phillip finds himself falling for a young wolf shifter who has awakened feelings in him that he thought had died years ago.
When Casper turns up missing, Phillip knows who’s responsible and will stop at nothing to get his mate back, even if it means his own death.

A Mate at Last #8: For two long years Brandon Wallace has avoided any and all contact with his fated mate Erik Carsten. Waiting for Erik to turn of legal age has been torture for Brandon, and Erik’s snotty attitude hasn’t helped matters in the least, but no matter the circumstance Brandon can’t deny the love he feels for the little brat.
Erik has a big heart but keeps its hidden behind a bad attitude. He feels like Brandon abandoned him when Erik needed him the most and has been taking great pleasure in tormenting Brandon, pushing all the right buttons to drive the man insane.
Brandon has full intentions of claiming Erik no matter what, but a killer on the loose targeting young men has the residents of Silver Creek in a state of fear, derailing Brandon’s plans. Brandon must help solve the mystery behind the killings before Erik becomes the next victim.

A Wolf's Forgotten Life #9 Dominic Gabardi is living life one day at a time. After waking up from a coma he has no recollection of his past and struggles every day to find some sense of normalcy. Everything changes when Roderick Morgan walks into his life. Remembering his past takes a backseat when up against his strong attraction toward Roderick.
Roderick is a hunter who is set with the task to create peace between his fellow hunters and wolf shifters. In doing so, he must also find a way to keep their secret from the human world that shifters do exist, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to guard that information.
When Roderick learns about Dominic’s condition he immediately wants to eliminate the problem for the greater good, that is, until he meets the man. Now Roderick must find a way to help Dominic remember his true nature before he loses control of his wolf and exposes his secret

The Hunter and the Wolf's Unexpected Family #10: Seth Kemp’s quiet and secluded life out in the woods is disrupted when he’s attacked by a pack of cougar shifters. Hurt and bleeding, Seth has no other option but to seek help from the few friends he has, the Nehalem Pack.
All Caleb Kline wants to do is retire from being a hunter. He feels like a failure and just wants to live a normal life away from all things shifter-related, but before he can call it quits he’s asked to go on one last mission. To escort a wolf shifter back home safely. It should be easy enough, or so Caleb thought.
Discovering that Caleb is his mate is more than a little unexpected for Seth, but the attraction is undeniable. Seth now has to decide if he can give up his life of solitude to build a future with the man of his dreams or let his fears keep him from living his own happy ever after.

A Wolf to Set Him Free #11: For the past five years Ethan Compton has lived a lonely life. After the death of his fiancé Ethan shut himself off from the rest of the world, afraid to let someone in just to watch them leave. But a trip spent visiting friends leads Ethan to the man who might just have the power to tear down the walls surrounding his fragile heart.
Holden Anders is always up for a challenge but the one in the form of Ethan proves he has his work cut out for him. Holden is beyond happy to have found his mate but he soon discovers there is a sadness in Ethan’s past he’s unsure the man can recover from. But Holden refuses to give up on him because Ethan has stolen his heart.
Death is a part of life and Ethan must come to terms with that before he lets the best thing to ever walk into his life slip away.

An Alpha in the Making #12: Ian Tanner was looking forward to what was supposed to be the best year of his life, but all that changes when he finds his father and stepmother murdered. Now with his young sister in tow, Ian’s on the run, searching for the only people he was told he could depend on. But with so much at risk Ian’s not sure who he can trust.
Working the night shift at the hospital brings in a lot of strangers characters but Will Watterson loves his job. After a run-in with a patient’s brother, he finds himself falling head over heels for a man he barely knows. It’s totally out of character for the good doctor but he can’t just let Ian walk away.
Ghosts from Ian’s past he never knew existed come knocking at his door. With so much to lose Ian has to decide if he can make the ultimate sacrifice for his family and the man he loves.

The Wolf's Hunter #13: Oliver Johnson was tasked with one simple job: watch over Kyle Argent and keep him safe. As a hunter, he is supposed to be impartial, but Kyle keeps twisting him into knots with everything he does. Trying to keep the young man out of trouble is more of a job than he expected.
Being on his own for the first time in his life is more overwhelming than Kyle anticipated, and running back to the safety of his brother’s home is sounding like a good idea, that is until he meets his next door neighbor. Something about the surly Oliver keeps tugging Kyle closer and making his inner wolf howl, but constant rejections send Kyle looking for attention from someone else.
Falling in love was never part of Oliver’s plan, and with a killer loose on campus, he will stop at nothing to keep Kyle safe. But with a strong-willed wolf shifter it isn’t an easy job.

His Unbreakable Mate #17: It only took two weeks to change Samuel Cruz’s life forever. Now four years later he’s still trying to put the pieces of his broken world back together. Nothing will ever be the same but he refuses to admit that to anyone because it would mean accepting defeat and he will not allow his past to control his future.
CJ Durie never knew his father dealt in human trafficking and when he did discover the truth it was too late to save Samuel. He’s kept his distance, keeping their mating bond a secret. It tore his heart out to do so but it was the right thing to do. Seeing Samuel after four years apart, CJ knows he can’t live without him. But the question is, does Samuel feel the same?
Love and the promise to never hurt Samuel is all CJ can offer, but is it enough? Will Samuel allow a reminder of his past to enter his future?

A Mate Worth Waiting For #26: A lot can happen in four years. People change, and that’s exactly what happened to Christian Alexander. He’s an alpha wolf but for the past few years he’s been floating adrift, buying his time until he can claim his mate.
Raleigh Farrell is ready to start a new chapter in his life. Going away to college is a big step but one he yearns for. It isn’t until he meets Christian that he realizes there’s more to life than playing football or keeping his nose in a book.
Falling in love was never something that Raleigh ever thought about. Meeting Christian has opened his eyes to a whole new world. But if there’s one thing in life Raleigh learned early on it's that nothing ever goes as planned, and when his mate comes up missing it’s up to him to save the man he loves or spend the rest of his life a lonely shifter.

His Little Wolf #32: Conner Alexander went back home out of obligation to his best friend and is discovering it is the worst decision he as ever made. Running the family ranch and being the Alexander Pack alpha was never his dream, but with so many people depending on him, what else can he do?
Love, peace, and happiness are all Grayson Myers wants out of life. Moving to Silver Creek with his son and brother is the best thing that has ever happened to him. All that’s missing from this picture-perfect life is his mate.
One night of unexpected, yet heated, passion changes the path both Grayson and Conner are on, but is it for better or worse? Can the love of a good man outweigh loyalty to his pack, or will Conner have to make the ultimate sacrifice of all by turning his back on the best thing to ever happen to him?

The Lone Wolf #34: The ghost of Brandt Taylor’s past haunts him every day. After losing his entire family, Brandt feels as if he can’t breathe. It’s too hard to deal with the memories, and he’d be happy to run free as a wolf for the rest of his life...if it weren’t for Julian Culver.
Julian never asked to be some wolf shifter’s mate. In fact, he was living a happy life until Brandt literally knocked him off his feet. Even though three years have passed, the attraction Julian feels toward Brandt has never weakened, and Julian’s starting to wonder if he can live without his heart.
If there is one thing about life Brandt knows all too well, it's how short it can truly be. He’s sick of running, and he’s ready to claim his mate, but he’ll have to hurry. Someone else has their sights set on Julian, and it’s up to Brandt to save what could be the greatest love of his life.

The Dentist and His Fox #37: It’s the start of a brand new life for Reed Ingram. He’s just graduated dental school and is opening his own practice. With the encouragement of his brother and the Nehalem pack, he’s making a home in Silver Creek. Little does he know, he's about to find so much more than a place to set down roots.
Love doesn’t exist, and Dane Forum wants no part of it. He was raised by an absentee father and a mother who thought love was controlling everything and everyone. Dane isn’t sure he believes that there is a mate out there for him...that is until he walks into Dr. Ingram’s office. His life it flipped upside down and in a tailspin because now Dane is feeling so many emotions and dare he say it, love?
Life is short, and love doesn’t come along often. Now, it’s up to Reed to prove to Dane that love is real and worth fighting for.

Second Chance Mate #38: Daniel Culver was devastated when his wife died. He was left alone to raise his daughter while trying to live with a broken heart. Each day is a struggle, and the fear of losing his family has Daniel pushing those he cares for away.
Archer Forum is running from his past and everything he thought was important to him. Being rich didn’t bring him happiness and being the creator of a drug that is killing shifters has him filled with guilt. He wasn’t sure that feeling would ever go away. All he wants is a fresh start, to make amends and just be happy.
Love doesn’t come around often, and it’s Archer’s turn to seize the day. Daniel is his fated mate. It’s up to him to convince Daniel that love is worth the risk before a ghost from Archer’s past steals his hopes and dreams of a happily ever after away.

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