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Brac Village series by Lynn Hagen ( Books 1-17)
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Overview: Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed, but lovable. She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heart.
You can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java, letting the next set of characters tell their story.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM


Sweet Delight #1: Kenway knows who his mate is. He is just waiting for Ross to come home. In the meantime, he has to make sure Ross has a place to come home to. Accepting a loan from Alpha Maverick of Brac Village enables him to live a life he has always dreamed of.
Ross has met his mate and is desperate to get back to him, but there are forces at work that not only try to keep them apart, but are determined to take Ross away from the man he barely knows.
Ross flees to Brac Village and into the waiting arms of his mate, only to discover the nightmare he left behind has followed him.
Can they get their bakery up and running, or will everyone they care about be in danger, including each other?

Silent Secrets #2: Priest Mosley moved to Brac Village to start over. He wanted a quiet place to settle down and start his own business. What he hadn’t expected was Randy. Priest isn’t sure about the small man’s advances, but what catch his interest are the bruises he sees on the man’s body.
Randy Pomell was working his dream job at the local floral shop. But his nightmare wouldn’t go away. His uncle’s abuse was escalating, and Randy didn’t see any way out. When Uncle Fred goes too far and Randy ends up in the hospital, he knows he can’t keep living this way.
Can Randy find a way to break the silence, or will Fred go too far? Priest decides to befriend Randy just to find out who his abuser is, but what he finds leaves him speechless and questioning his very sanity.

Kissing Reno #3: Reno Davis is new to Brac Village, transferring into the local fire department. He loves his solitude and the freedom he feels when riding his motorcycle on the open road. But when he visits the local bakery to pick up some sweets for the firehouse, he discovers his mate and is now under the pull of the mating dance.
Baker Cross learned about the paranormal world when he was hired to work at Sweet Delight. His boss, Kenway, is a buffalo shifter. Baker is fine with that. But when a coyote shifter grabs him in the middle of the shop and kisses him with such passion and desire, Baker knows he is in trouble.
Reno stalks Baker, playing cat and mouse until he knows Baker will give in to his desires and let the coyote claim him. It is part of the mating dance, and Reno is looking forward to catching his mate. But when a crooked cop sets his sights on Reno, the true stalking begins

Rio's Fire #4: Rio LaBlanc is the kindergarten teacher at Brac Elementary. Sadly, his friends are all under the age of six. He loves his job, but feels there has to be more to life than teaching and letting his black panther run free in the bordering forest. When the new art teacher shows up, Rio feels a pull that sets his blood on fire.
Fire can’t believe Maverick is making him teach art to a bunch of children. Has the alpha lost his mind? What does Fire know about kids? But when he spots the teacher in the classroom next door, Fire thinks that maybe art class has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.
But Fire is a gambling addict. He may have had his wings clipped when the Shadow elves refused to take his bets, but Fire finds a way. Unfortunately, trouble once again is hot on his heels. Can Rio save Fire from his addiction, or will the stakes become too high?

Heat Rising #5: Spencer Dillinger is a quirky little impala shifter. He has finally found a job as a bookkeeper at The Pit. Between balancing the books and keeping his best friend from trying to kill all his coworkers, Spencer has his job cut out for him.
Bear Callahan was born into poverty but crawled out from the gutters of hardship to make a life for himself. He is the chief at the Firehouse and has to deal with men who act more like immature adolescents than firemen. He doesn’t mind. The only thing missing in his new life is a mate.

Keatons Lesson's #6: Keaton Richards owns Jammin' Juice Hut. His life is simple, worry-free, and he loves owning his own business. But when events start unfolding after a mysterious stranger shows up at his shop, Keaton begins to question not only his sanity, but if he should pursue the edgy and secretive man he finds himself enthralled with.
Kade Marshall served fifteen years in prison for two crimes—one he committed and one he had nothing to do with. The only thing he wants to do is put his past behind him and start living again. But when feelings of doubt and depression start to creep in, Kade isn’t so sure coming home to Brac Village was the smartest thing for him.
In Keaton’s plight to save Kade, he teaches the man the meaning of life, love, and how to live once again. But will that be enough or will Kade walk away from Keaton, feeling that his mate deserves so much better than an ex-con?

Frisco James #7: Frisco James was a hustler. Plain and simple. Although he was a bareknuckle boxing champion in the underground circuit, Frisco was looking for a change. Maverick Brac owed him a debt and Frisco headed to Brac Village to collect.
Recker lost his twin when the group of men he lived with was attacked by the grey wolves. He was angry, bitter, but tried his best to go on. When he loses control and nearly kills a man, Maverick steps in, demanding that either Recker agree to anger management or be deemed unfit to live in society.
Recker and Frisco’s worlds collide. Frisco sees Recker as an opportunity, nothing more.He whisks Recker away from the Den, plunging the man into the gritty world of illegal boxing.
But when Recker nearly kills his first opponent, Frisco James realizes the horrific mistake he has made. Desperate, Frisco does the one thing that he knows will save Recker’s life and humanity…he walks away.
But nothing is ever that simple, especially when Frisco James—a man who has looked out for no one but himself—discovers that his heart is no longer his own.

Forged in Steele #8: Steele Avery is as lazy as the day is long. When the mates of the Den show up for a night of partying, Steele and his brother Paine follow the group into the demon realm. But what started out as a good time ends with Steele being bitten by the club owner, Diablo, who claims to be his mate.
Diablo Teslow is a dragon shifter. He has been tucked away in the demon realm for over twelve hundred years. He is content with running his strip club until a beautiful cheetah shifter walks into his life. Now that he has bitten Steele, Diablo must defend his mate against the Dragon Hunters, a group of supernatural creatures created for one purpose only, to exterminate the entire dragon race.
But Diablo is not only fighting the Hunter. His mate was taught that letting another man top him was a sign of weakness. Diablo must find a way to claim Steele or remain alone for the rest of his life.

Jordan's Desires #9: Bailey Fester has been burned by a lover he thought he could trust. Now jaded, Bailey refuses to let anyone in, including the dark and handsome stranger who keeps showing up in Bailey’s life. He isn’t ready to love again, and he definitely isn’t ready to give his heart away. But Jordan seems determined to show Bailey that he is there to stay.
Jordan Sommers is the new mechanic at Mark’s Garage. He knows he has his work cut out for him when he meets his mate and realizes that Bailey has been scorned. The guy is adamant about remaining friends, and shows up at the most inopportune moments. Bailey has already seen Jordan kill two men.
But when someone poisons Jordan and shoots at Bailey, Jordan is determined to keep Bailey safe while showing the man what love truly means. But will Bailey accept what Jordan has to offer, or will he turn Jordan away, too cynical to understand that giving his heart does not equal betrayal?

Valentino's Cowboy #10 Dr. Valentino Prayze was new to Brac Village, only having been there a few months. He was the local vet and loved his work. But when he gets a call from the Lakelands to come look at one of their horses, Valentino finds more than he ever expected.
Abe helped the shifters rescue Cole and Curtis, and knew he couldn’t stay behind and face the wrath of his tribe. After Malcolm agrees to let Abe stay on the ranch, he finds the life isn’t what he had imagined it would be away from his tribe.
He had been passing the time, having a bit of fun, and just plain old lonely when he flirted with the Lakeland men. Now the stakes are high and the flirting actually means something when he realizes that the vet is his mate. But when he loses his wallet after accidently shimmering into someone's closet, little does he know that the Head Vampire Hunter was the one to find it, and now his sights are set on Abe.

Fighting Temptation #11: Detective Carmine Bianchi watched a once powerful man turn into a shell when his mother was killed. His father was no longer who he used to be and Carmine refuses to go through the tragedy that was now his father's life. If only fate hadn’t intervened and thrown one small fey Carmine's way, making the walls he erected slowly begin to crumble.
Turi had his own set of complications. His father was trying to make Turi mate his own uncle. He didn’t agree with Wood elf custom of inbreeding and Turi was determined to stay on the run for as long as he had to.
When Turi is nearly hit by a car, he soon realizes that the man behind the wheel is the other half to his soul. Unfortunately, Carmine makes it very clear that the only reason he is sticking around is to help Turi with his problem. But as Carmine spends time with Turi, he realizes that fighting to keep Turi at arm's length is a battle that his heart was determined to win.

Loving Styles #12: Styles hated wolves with a passion. They had been nothing but trouble to him since he was a small pup. It was wolves who had killed his parents. It was wolves who had messed with him in his young adult life. So when fate decided to give Styles a wolf for a mate, he finds himself at a crossroad, uncertain of which road to take.
Robby was determined to make Styles his. He knew about the coyote's tragic past, but he wasn’t going to let that stand in his way of going after what was his. The harder Styles pushes him away, the harder Robby fights to get near the man.
Loving Styles is easy, but getting the man to tear down his walls is proving tough.
When someone breaks into Robby's house, trashing the place, Styles agrees to let Robby stay the night. He had sworn that all wolves were his mortal enemy, until Robby touches a place Styles thought long dead.

Polar Opposites #13: Everyone has their secrets and not everyone wants to regale in the memories of their past. But for Reese and Kiki, that is no longer an option. For both men, coming to terms with what had happened will become detrimental to what lies ahead—especially when one of their pasts has a deadly intent. Kiki had a sick and twisted father. For him, the only way to deal with something that horrifying was to not deal with it. But he soon finds that he can't run forever, not when Reese is there to show him that letting go can be so pleasurable.
Reese is not who he seems. He's reinvented himself after being pulled into an agency twenty years ago that was not on the up-and-up. But when his handler comes to Brac Village to seek revenge for Reese nearly killing him so long ago, Reese must hunt down the man who is hunting him and keep Kiki safe.
Unfortunately, having one person after him isn't enough. Reese had a one night stand before meeting Kiki and now the little twink is hell-bent on making Reese his—even if he has to kill Kiki to get the man he wants.

Teaching Angelo #14: What if finding your mate isn’t all roses and sunshine? That is the question Angelo begins to wonder after meeting Bishop, a snow leopard with OCD. He thinks life will be better after finding his mate, but soon learns that just because two people are fated to be together doesn't mean they will get along.
Bishop Marshal loves the fact that he's found his mate. But living with the man is an entirely different thing. Angelo is the messiest man Bishop has ever met, and the fox shifter is his mate. Sex is great between them, but letting the man move in is a whole other ball game.
Can the two find common ground and work things out, or has fate made a mistake this time? Also, can Angelo find out who the three mysterious men are who have come to town? With Maverick gone and the paranormal world in chaos, Angelo decides to take the matter into his own hands

Firehouse Rescue #15: Parker Southard grew up in a very strange family. All he wanted was to be normal. He shunned what his grandmother tried to teach him. But soon he finds that the one thing he tried to run from has caught up to him and the thing that he turned his back on might be the very thing that saves him.
When Rayne DeSilva pulls a car crash victim from a bad wreckage on the back roads of Brac Village, he soon learns that the man he has been looking for his entire life might not survive. It was a miracle that Parker was even alive.
When Marino Malone discovers Parker's secret, he sends in his two goons to kidnap Parker. But little does Marino know that Parker isn’t so easily threatened. Rayne must convince Parker to embrace who he is if his mate is not only going to survive, but have a fighting chance at happiness.

Edge of Control #16: After offending an alpha wolf shifter, Myron must run for his life. A pack of wolves are hot on his heels, chasing him into Brac Village. Terrified, Myron escapes into the back door of the Lucky Clover. Little does he know, he's running straight into the arms of his mate.

A Christmas to Remember #17: The holidays are supposed to bring festive feelings but Ray is ready to toss the eggnog and mistletoe out the door—along with Lorenzo, the handsome and tenebrous construction worker who fascinates and frustrates Ray in equal measures. But when Ray discovers a world he never knew existed and is pulled into the conflict, he finds there is more to his grandmother than meets the eye. And what she confesses to him leaves Ray reeling.
Ten years ago Lorenzo left Brac Village to deal with something that changed his life forever. Angry, confused, and filled with bitterness, he is approached by the Ultionem to join a battle that may very well end his life. But when he discovers his mate, Lorenzo is torn between his duty and the one man who engulfs his soul with flames of deep hunger. As the Christmas celebration draws closer, Lorenzo is left with a decision to either save his mate or walk away forever.

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