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Three Novels by Elda Minger
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Overview: Elda Minger is the author of 25 romance novels. She has written category, single-title, and historical romances. She's also well-known for her writing workshops. She is a RITA® finalist and her books have been named Romantic Times Magazine's Best American Romance

Minger began her career writing for Harlequin, starting with the Harlequin American Romance line and moving to Temptation. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

As an author for Harlequin American Romance, Elda Minger published fourteen novels. She wrote five novels and a novella for the Harlequin Temptation line.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Billion-Dollar Baby: Roz was a champion of dogs in distress

Her ability came naturally, but it forced her into an unnatural situation: for rescuing a tiny bundle pitched from a car, Rosalind Locklear was made executrix of a fortune and co-inhabitant of a Bel Air mansion that legally belonged to a very homely bulldog. Roz would deal with Crumpet -- the dog needed a diet -- but the money, the fame and especially Crumpet's enemies were overwhelming. Luckily, the new butler was a big help, especially at thwarting would-be canine assassins. Roz often wondered about Jamie's unbutlerish skills, but if Crumpet knew Jamie's secret, he wasn't telling.

Baby by Chance: She hadn't expected to be expecting....

Having a family wasn't part of Cinnamon Robert's five-year plan, but when she accidentally fell under the spell of a hypnotist who'd been hired by her baby-crazed twin sister, she suddenly became a warm, willing woman ripe to conceive. Which is exactly what Chance.

Ramblin; man turned family man?

Chance Devereux had to wonder if he wasn't the one under a spell...'cause ever since sweet-and-spicy Cinnamon had come into his life - making him a daddy-to-be he'd started hearing wedding bells.

Chance wanted to make the mother of his child an honest woman...but could he hope for marital bliss after Cinnamon came to?


And all through the inn, not a creature was stirring.... Except normally uptight college prof Eve Vaughn and the gorgeous sexy stranger she'd met. They were sharing the most passionate night of their lives together. In the morning Eve would sneak away, determined not to see him again.

Fate? Kismet? Max couldn't explain his hard and fast feelings for Eve. She was a special gift he'd enjoyed unwrapping in the privacy of her bedroom. A gift he had no intention of giving up on Christmas morn!

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Jun 28th, 2013, 10:42 am