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With You Series by R.J. Sable (Books 1 & 2)
Requirements: Epub Reader, 953kb
Overview: I'm a British lady living in Sweden, making the most of the smorgasbord of wonderfulness that can be found in this beautiful country.
When I'm not writing I can be found with my nose in a book, crocheting, or sat with an abnormally large cup of tea trying to keep my British roots.
I studied Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Leeds but later discovered it was much more fun playing with language than learning about it.

Genre: New Adult Romance

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Right There With You
Jamie-Lea Carter has been living under the thumb of her older brothers for eighteen years. Having finally moved out to start her new life as a university student she tries to faithfully follow the strictly ordered life they've lain out for her. These rules haven't been an issue for her before because she knows she owes them everything. More than any sibling can ever owe.
She dutifully follows these rules until she meets Jason Reed and the biggest one becomes a problem. No boyfriends. Torn between her loyalty to her brothers and the sizzling attraction to the intriguing ladies' man, Jamie-Lea finds herself on dangerous standings with her overbearing and somewhat aggressive brothers.
Jason Reed isn't intimidated by the Carters. He knows what he wants the moment he sees it and nothing is going to come between him and the girl he never expected to fall for. With the odds stacked against them, where will this forbidden romance take them?

Stronger With You
Jamie-Lea Carter and Jason Reed have been through the mill. Jason has been there for her in every way he could be. After a tough start to her life at university, Jamie-Lea is only now coming to realise who she really is. She makes a resolution not to let herself get pushed around as much but that's easier said than done as part of the Carter family.
Guilt still plagues her for everything that her family has been through but, with Jason's support, she's growing stronger in more ways than one. She loves her brothers whole-heartedly but deep down she knows things aren't right and never really have been. What has to give for something to change?

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