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Russian Wolf Pack series by Zoe Perdita(Books 1 & 2)
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Overview: Zoe Perdita, a former English teacher, lives in a house surrounded by thick pine forests and writes erotic romance. She enjoys telling stories about hetero and male/male relationships in all situations including contemporary, historical and fantasy/sci-fi. A lot of her work contains BDSM elements for reasons she can't explain- or maybe she just doesn't want to. A fluffy orange cat and a lively roommate keep her company on a regular basis. When she's not writing Zoe likes to sew, cook and travel.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM

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Alpha Bait #1: Sam grew up next door to a house full of hot as hell Russian brothers, but something about the boys was always off. After he’s attacked by a huge white wolf as a teenager, Sam leaves the town and his friends behind. He can’t deal with the mixture of confusing emotions surging through him whenever he’s around the Russian young men.
Seven years later, the death of his parents brings Sam back to his former life. Now he has to deal with the five sexy brothers all grown up, the return of the huge white wolf and his overwhelming desire for the gorgeous Russian men.
But Yuri, the oldest brother, isn’t happy with Sam’s return. He claims Sam is wolf’s bait and that he needs the five sexy brothers to protect him from werewolves hell bent on claiming him as their own.
Will Sam accept their protection at the price of his freedom?
Formally published as the Savage Wolf Pack Complete including the following chapters: Wolf Bait, Wolf Charm, Wolf Lust, Wolf Bite, Wolf Tempt and Wolf Mate

Wild #2 (The White Wolf Pack): When Wild, a lone omega, stumbles into a trap in the woods, a mysterious alpha saves the little wolf and takes him in. The man cares for Wild’s wounds and offers him a new chance at life. But the sexy wolf stirs feelings the omega has never experienced – making Wild believe this man is his mate. He just has to prove it to the alpha first.
Caleb, a great white wolf, lives alone, and he prefers it that way. He doesn’t need a young, lively whelp keeping him company, no matter how attractive the young man is. Especially when Wild wakes the need for a mate inside him – a need he buried a long time ago.
With a rival wolf pack hungry for Wild’s blood, and a dangerous hunter on the loose – can Caleb protect the little omega without giving into his animal instincts and claiming the young man as his own?

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