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Sep 25th, 2013, 11:02 pm
The Enraged by Brett Battles (Jonathan Quinn Series Book 7)
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Overview: "The Cleaner" Jonathan Quinn is back in Brett Battles' new action-packed novel THE ENRAGED.

One of Quinn's colleagues has been digging into an "accident" that has haunted him for years - and now a list of names has been generated by a powerful consortium that will do anything to keep the past buried, and everyone on that list must die.

With his closest allies targeted and tortured - and one of them killed - forget Quinn in the shadows "cleaning" someone else's wet work. He's an enraged man on a mission and he's going to avenge his friends or die trying.

As Quinn says, "In our business, we don't wait years for justice that may or may not come. We deal with it ourselves."

We see Quinn picking up the clues and continuing his colleague's investigation, realizing that the way to find those responsible for his death is to finish what his colleague started - but don't be fooled into thinking this is your typical "out for revenge" novel.

Nothing about it is cliché. This is a smart, incredibly fast-paced thriller.

Quinn has always been more than a "cleaner" and now he must draw upon all of his resources to complete one final mission for his long-time friend and colleague. And the result is a very satisfying read from Brett Battles, who with Jonathan Quinn has given us one of the coolest heroic characters in fiction today
Genre: Thriller


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