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Jan 19th, 2014, 10:16 am
Biogas by Sunil Kumar
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Overview: This book contains research on the chemistry of each step of biogas generation, along with engineering principles and practices, feasibility of biogas production in processing technologies, especially anaerobic digestion of waste and gas production system, its modeling, kinetics along with other associated aspects, utilization and purification of biogas, economy and energy issues, pipe design for biogas energy, microbiological aspects, phyto-fermentation, biogas plant constructions, assessment of ecological potential, biogas generation from sludge, rheological characterization, etc.
1 Potentials of Selected Tropical Crops and Manure as Sources of Biofuels
2 Anaerobic Biogas Generation for Rural Area Energy Provision in Africa
3 Rheological Characterization
4 Influence of Substrate Concentration on the Anaerobic Degradability of Two-Phase Olive Mill Solid Waste: A Kinetic Evaluation
5 Biogas Production from Anaerobic Treatment of Agro-Industrial Wastewater
6 Biogas Production and Cleanup by Biofiltration for a Potential Use as an Alternative Energy Source
7 Gas Quality Parameter Computation in Intermeshed Networks
8 Production of Biogas from Sludge Waste and Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
9 Economic and Ecological Potential Assessment for Biogas Production Based on Intercrops
10 Feasibility of Bioenergy Production from Ultrafiltration Whey Permeate Using the UASB Reactors
11 Microbiological Methods of Hydrogen Generation
12 Photofermentative Hydrogen Generation in Presence of Waste Water from Food Industry
13 Study on Manufacturing Technology and Performance of Biogas Residue Film
14 Digestate: A New Nutrient Source - Review
15 Dairy Farming and the Stagnated Biogas Use in Rungwe District, Tanzania: An Investigation of the Constraining Factors
16 Enhancing Biogas Production and UASB Start-Up by Chitosan Addition
17 Biogas Plant Constructions
18 Conditioning of Biogas for Injection into the Natural Gas Grid
19 Kinetics of Biogas Production from Banana Stem Waste
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Genre: Non Fiction, Science and Technical > Engineering > Power Resources


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Jan 19th, 2014, 10:16 am