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Human Chronicles Saga by T.R. Harris (Part 2-Books 1,2)
Requirements: epub reader | 749 kB
Overview: This is the exciting continuation of The Human Chronicles Saga, the story of Human Superiority among the stars. In this universe ... WE are the Supermen -- the baddest, the toughest, and the meanest creatures around. We're stronger, faster and more coordinated than any of the aliens we encounter and that's what sets us apart.
Genre: Science Fiction


Cain's Crusaders (Part 2 Book 1)-Adam Cain is back as the head of Cain's Crusaders, a small band of super-secret agents working for the head of the galactic Expansion, doing the dirty jobs no one else wants to do -- or can. Adam's latest mission is to help rescue Arieel Bol, an important religious figure, who just happens to have supernatural powers ... and is the most-beautiful alien in the galaxy. But when a 30-million credit bounty is put on their heads, Adam and Arieel will have to use all of their combined 'powers' to survive.

The Apex Predator (Part 2 Book 2)-Having placed a bounty on the heads of the alien Klin and Kracori races, Humanity must now face the desperate wrath of mankind's worst enemies, who have once again joined forces for a pre-emptive strike against the Earth. Their plan is brilliant ... and only the special abilities of ex-Navy SEAL Adam Cain can save the planet.

It's a frantic race against time, as Adam and Sherri Valentine arrive on Earth to help mount a ragtag defense against the Kracori fleet. But will it be enough?

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